DESCENTRO: a proprietary intelligence that delves into the real experiences of people from "different kinds of Brazil" to help brands impact and authentically approach the desired communities. This story of focusing on Belém only during the Círio, treating the entire northeast as if it were the same and portraying people based on cultural stereotypes is no longer enough to generate connection.
You know those things about a city that, no matter how much we look, we can't find on Google or ChatGPT? These are the things that DESCENTRO came to talk about.

Feminine noun
Plural: philatelies
Etymologically formed from the Greek words phílos (friend, amateur) and ateles (france, free from any charge or tax), Philately is normally defined as the act of collecting stamps, especially those considered rare. But, much more than a collecting hobby, Philately is, at the same time, a science and an art that people from all over the world are passionate about.
Descentro's identity is based on the concept of philately.
We approach the study from the point of view of the stamps themselves, which are small materials, but which can contain years of translated geographic graphic history.

The vibrant colors and abstract elements were not purely aesthetic choices but synaesthetic ones. When viewing any of the visual constructions that are part of the identity, the person has an unconscious feeling of decentralization, which helps to convey the message, reinforce the concept and build the brand.
In addition to positioning the Descentro brand, the identity developed for the brand is capable of going deeper, visually explaining its concept and making, through illustrated elements, animation style and sound branding, people feel what, decentralize, really means.
Design and Art Direction for DES©ENTRO, the new report by KOGA.
(the DOJO™ behavioral studies unit.)

The project includes 5 stages: 
Creative & Art Direction / Visual Identity / Motion System / Sound Branding.

YEAR: 2023

DESIGN & ART DIRECTION: Diego Silva, Felipe Rizo, Igor Berck, Lukas Kawakami
CONCEPT: Henrique Porto, Leandro Neves

3D: Lukas Kawakami
MOTION: Gabriel Ferrari, Hugo Romero
SOUND BRANDING: Lucas Oliveira

TYPES IN USE: Neue Haas Grotresk Display by Linotype, Supply by PANGRAM©