Gabriel is a longtime friend of mine. We've worked together in other projects and one of the greatest pleasures of working with friends is that they trust our work with their eyes closed and colaborate so much. He asked me to create covers songs that mix Brazilian funk with MPB.
Right from the beggining, Gabriel told me that at least 3 songs would be released (which would later become something bigger: the EP). As they were going to be part of something bigger, all the covers needed a visual connection between them. Even though I produced at different times, a unified visual language needed to be stablished.
Gabriel wanted the idea of each cover to be “open to different interpretations”. My approach was to create unique urban scenarios in which the overall look and feel is bit chaotic, but with a story. The inspiration to the scenarios was the streets of São Paulo, since the songs carry a strong brazilian DNA.
The paintings on the walls give us the name of the songs. There's poster on the walls. Details on the floor. People passing by. Where are they going or coming from?
Each element on the covers comes from different images downloaded from Unsplash with digitally hand-drawn graffiti. Just as Gabriel mixed one genre with another, I thought that mixing different images would bring the exact result that the songs needed. The EP cover is a version of the poster placed on the walls of each single.
Singles Titles
"Só Mais Uma de Carnaval" — "Only One More from Carnival"
"Sacanagem com Carinho" — "Slutty with Affection"
"Afasta os Móveis" — "Put Away the Furniture"
"O Funk Mais Triste da Cidade" — "The Saddest Funk in Town"