Like Crashing Waves is a solo experimental project born from the pure desire to express emotions, memories and feelings through music. And one of the projects was an homage to all the 90's kids: an album inspired by the The Revenge of Shinobi storyline and OST.
Two singles would be released before the whole album could come out in February 22, so time was not a problem. The artworks needed some sort of connection and the story that inspired it needed to be told somehow.
The approach to this was to tell the story between each single released (and the album), through social media posts. Since the songs of the album follow the game stages order, this was the natural idea to follow.
The game story is about the death of a master and the kidnapping of a wife-to-be. It's heavy and intense. 
Album cover art
Social media — Look & Feel
Out of home mockup
"Artist pick" background art
"Canvas" background art for every song
Spotify Look & Feel
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